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Signature Lifestyle Plan

Our Signature Lifestyle plan follows an 80/20 model, where 80% of the meals are super nutrient dense and more focused on nutrition and healthy eating, and 20% are treats – yes, treats!

Think delightful cookies, hearty pasta dishes, and scrumptious paellas. This plan is all about creating sustainable changes that drastically improve your lifestyle.

This creates balance to secure long-term health goals. Long-term change is only achievable when small changes become practical, and sustainable.

The goal of the Signature Lifestyle plan is to develop and maintain a healthy relationship with food by never feeling deprived. You get to enjoy eating, while you work to reach your goals.

Improved Mental Clarity

Achieve Weight Goal

Increased Energy

Reduced Brain Fog


Enhanced Mood

Yellow Picnic’s subscriptions service optimizes your diet with carefully calculated macronutrients and optimizes your schedule by freeing up hours of shopping and meal prep.

Lifestyle Plan

How It Works

  1. Pick your goal

    1. Reach your ideal weight
    2. Become a healthier you in mind and body
  2. Choose your ideal number of meals

  3. Optionally, check in with one of our experts weekly

  4. And most importantly -Enjoy!

Menu for Week of July 23rd

Herb Churrasco                     Marinated Churrasco cooked to perfection served with a side of whipped yuca mash, and a Kale salad with our signature raspberry vinaigrette

Lemon Butter Chicken Linguine  Tender baked and sliced chicken breast over a bed of rich fettuccine pasta cooked in a creamy garlic, lemon and, spinach sauce topped with fresh parmesan cheese

Red Pepper Chicken                  Seared Chicken Breast bites packed with flavor and spices served with a side of cajun rice and mixed vegetables (carrots, peas, bell peppers)

Bang Bang Pineapple Chicken  Grilled Chicken in a savory sauce served with a side of coconut rice topped with coconut flakes and a pineapple salad Southern Style Shrimp              Golden seared shrimp in a creamy sauce with fresh herbs, bell peppers &. a squeeze of lemon served with a side of zesty lemon basil orzo with sweet creamed corn

Simple Pricing

Say goodbye to stressing over meal planning forever. Take the stress out of mealtime by bringing perfectly prepped meals that we have lovingly planned straight to your door.  $ 65 / week

  • 5 Meals a Week
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Online Account Management

Subscribe Popular $ 120 / week

  • 10 Meals a Week
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Online Account Management

Subscribe $ 175 / week

  • 15 Meals a Week
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Online Account Management
  • Free Delivery

Subscribe Highly Rated $ 220 / week

  • 20 Meals a Week
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Online Account Management
  • Free Delivery


Not ready for a subscription?


One Time Order (5 Meals)

Try us out for one week. Get 5 meals delivered. One meal a day to transition to a balanced meal plan.

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